GAP Graduates – Riot

Jasmine and her family welcome Riot into their home in June. We reached out for an update – and what a journey this lucky boy has been on! Just look at his adventures. Jasmine had this to say about Riot’s transition to pet life:

“It feels like longer for us since he is settling in so well! He’s our favourite part of being home and loves a good butt scratch. He’s also a spiky bush pooper 🤣 He’s made a few greyhound friends; we take him on walks with our friends greys as well as group walks on the weekend. He even has made friends with our pal’s staffy. They like to walk side by side and sniff each other. He sleeps a lot!”
“We are very in love and think he feels the same (we hope). I’ve attached a few pics! Thanks for the check-in!”

We definitely think Riot feels the same! We are elated to know he’s joined a great family. If you’re interested in adventuring with your own Riot, don’t delay – have a look at our available greyhounds here.


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