Q&A with GAP Volunteer Frank

Our dedicated volunteer, Frank, has been volunteering with GAP for over five years.

Read below why Frank loves greyhounds and why he volunteers.

1. How long have you been volunteering at GAP?
I started in January 2017, so it is five and a half years now – how time has flown!!

2. What made you want to volunteer at GAP?
I have always had greyhounds, and in December 2016 the new GAP facility had an open day which I attended. And as I am now retired, I would love to help greyhounds retire to the couch!

3. Do you have any pets yourself?
Yes. I have had greyhounds since my early twenties, and currently we have Jedda who is 13 and 2 months old – and still going strong.

4. What’s your favourite part of volunteering at GAP?
I love interacting with the dogs, as they all have their own unique characters and it is such fun to be with them. Plus, the volunteers make walking the dogs such a pleasure and we all support one another.

5. What duties do you do when you volunteer at GAP?
Basically, the duties consist of walking and playing with the dogs. We do also engage in grooming and training the dogs as instructed by the GAP staff. Spending special time with cuddles is much appreciated by the dogs. We also help out as needed with any requests by the GAP staff.

6. Would you recommend volunteering at GAP to others? If so, why?
Most definitely! If you love dogs, greyhounds are a beautiful breed and love spending time around people. All the volunteers and staff are very helpful making it a pleasant experience.

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