Q&A with GAP Volunteer Roz

Roz loves  helping greyhounds transition to becoming pets.

Read below why Roz loves greyhounds and why she volunteers.

1. How long have you been volunteering at GAP?
I have had the pleasure of volunteering at GAP since August 2021.

2. What made you want to volunteer at GAP?
The reason I decided to volunteer at GAP was that I use to work for one of GAP’s ‘partners’ and became aware of your initiative of transitioning greyhounds to become pets. This seemed to me such a worthwhile enterprise for retired greys that I decided when I was in the position to volunteer this environment would be my ideal.

3. What’s your favourite part of volunteering at GAP?
Without hesitation, my favourite part of volunteering at GAP is my interaction with the greys, they come in so many colours and sizes, each with their own unique personalities, but each one is just so loveable, cuddly, peaceful and calm, what’s not to love!

4. What duties do you do when you volunteer at GAP?
My volunteering duties at GAP include walking the greyhound’s, getting them use to walking on lead with all new sights, sounds around them. Helping to introduce them to ‘pet’ activities like playtimes, this may include for example i.e.: fetching a ball, to come when called, being bathed and brushed, and hopefully assisting in some way with their transition to becoming some lucky persons furever friend.

5. Would you recommend volunteering at GAP to others, if so why?
Yes, yes, and yes again, the more smooches for pooches the better, I really enjoy the time I spend at GAP, the greys are a delight, oh and I nearly forgot……….. the people are quite nice too!


Find out more about volunteering at GAP by clicking here.


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