Recognising our volunteers for National Volunteer Week – Christina Morrison

To celebrate National Volunteer Week, we want to recognise the dedication of all those who volunteer their time. Our volunteers are at the core of Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) WA operations. 

When Christina Morrison made the big move from Europe to Australia, she also made the decision to welcome a new family member into her home.

After having adopted overseas previously, Christina decided to contact GAP and it didn’t take long until she found her perfect match with a greyhound named Tardo.  Previously known as That Way, Tardo retired with three wins from 67 starts and quickly settled in with Christina.

Wanting another companion in the house, Christina decided to become a foster carer through the GAP program. All greyhounds that enter the GAP program spend a minimum of four weeks in foster care before being adopted. During foster care greyhounds are exposed to life as a pet, which means that when they are adopted they transition more easily from racing life to life as a pet. So far, Christine has fostered 10 greyhounds.

Christina has found the process very rewarding and says that Tardo also appreciates the company.

“One of my favourite parts would be seeing their little personalities shine. I always enjoy the experience,” Christina said.

“The love they show when you walk in the door is a remarkable feeling.”

Here at Greyhounds as Pets WA, we want to say thank you to all our foster carers and other volunteers who play a critical role in helping us find forever homes for our greyhounds.

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